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Have Callers At Hello!

We offer specialized answering and scheduling services for all types and sizes of businesses. We are a group of savvy and sophisticated receptionists that answer your phones, make appointments, screen callers, connect calls, answer questions, take accurate detailed messages, give directions, and even make reminder calls. Almost everything your best receptionist does. You simply forward your phones and we’ll do the rest!

Why Modern Receptionist?

In business, first impressions count. Modern Receptionist makes it easy for customers to contact your business, and this can mean the difference between capturing new clients or losing them to one of your competitors. Crucially, it also allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your business while ensuring that no potential customer or current customer is neglected.

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Happy Clients

Mark Orloff

"I just started my small business. When I am working I give my full attention to my customer but I can't afford to miss calls. I found a solution that allows me to maintain my high standards for customer service without using a generic answering service. I hired Modern Receptionist to be the first contact with new customers. They know my company, my schedule and how I want my customers treated. I can count on my receptionist to get it right and present a professional image for my company. I highly recommend business owners that work in the field to go give Modern Receptionist a try."

Mark Orloff, Owner

Jason Hamann

"Modern Receptionist has been a great addition to our company. We can always rely on them to handle any inbound calls with up most professionalism. Many times my receptionists go above and beyond what we would expect and for that we are extremely grateful."

Jason Hamann, Regional Field Manager

Jim Kreisman

"Absolutely a must! Why let the customer go to voicemail and have them hang up and call someone else! Have Modern Receptionist answer the call and collect the clients contact information and save the deal."

Jim Kreisman, Insurance Agent

Brian Moore

"We have been so happy since Modern Receptionist has taken over our phone service. It is great relief to know that our calls are being handled professionally by their well-qualified staff."

Brian Moore, Owner

Colby Saenz

"Thank you so much for your amazing assistance in helping with all of my calls. Being involved in a start-up has come with a lot more phone usage than normal and you've helped keep that chaos in line. It's so beneficial to have great ladies helping my clients and the response from my clients has been so positive. Thank you ladies again for providing me what a lot of business owner would like to have at the beginning."

Colby Saenz, Director of Communications & Consulting

Pauline Prescott

"I'm writing following almost a year of working with your receptionist team with our new company. We have found your team to be always helpful, efficient and quick to answer our phones take our messages and relay them to us when we are traveling. It's always difficult to find really great people to work with and we are extremely happy with the team who support our organization. They are just really nice people to work with!!"

Pauline Prescott, Luxury Property Manager

Brian Fukumoto

"I love modern receptionist! Rather than driving to and from an office everyday, sitting at a desk to make sure I don't miss phone calls I have total freedom and flexibility. I can answer the phone on vacation and no one knows I am not working hard on their case. New clients are forwarded to my phone, current clients leave a message! All I need is a laptop and a cell phone! Goodbye pbx phone system, employees and stress!"

Brian Fukumoto, Financial Advisor

Tim Hargis

"Modern Receptionist took my business to the next level when they started to answer our calls. Customers think they're talking to one of our own employees. We couldn't be more pleased with their efforts!"

Tim Hargis, Business Owner & Entreprenur

Becky Householder

"Modern Receptionist has been a true help to our office. We have been able to become more efficient with our customers. As well as knowing that our customers never have to leave a voicemail, they get a live person every time. Thanks!"

Becky Householder, Insurance Agent

Luke R

"Thanks so much for all the help making my office very professional. I have had numerous colleagues and clients comment on the professionalism. You guys have made it possible for me to realize expansion. I was once tied down to the phones and voice messages and that was causing great stress and highly unproductive. With Modern Receptionist it gave me confidence to open a second office in Glendale and so far so good! I am looking to open another office in Chandler by the end of summer!" Highest Regards,

Luke R, Attorney

Steve Johnson

"Modern Receptionist the perfect solution to providing seamless customer service. If your business needs an extra professional hand to help handle call volume then Modern Receptionist is the answer. Professionals whom answer the phone like the way you want your customer to be greeted. A business model that gets the information you need and delivers it in a prompt e-mail response. The customer never knows they are not talking to your actual office."

Steve Johnson, Insurance Agent

Amy Blackburn

"I decided to go through Modern Receptionist to answer my calls when I wasn't in the office and the rollover calls. It was the best decision I ever made! I never lost any business or really important calls because they took care of them right away. Everyone at Modern Receptionist was very nice & professional. I would recommend them to any business!!!!!"

Amy Blackburn, Insurance Agent

Robert Barrett

"We were first introduced to Modern Receptionist to help them recruit receptionists almost two years ago. We immediately recognized benefits that would help us immensely as we grew. Having all our calls during business hours immediately answered, routed and or messaged has been invaluable to us. When a current or prospective client, employee or candidate contacts us a voice mail just won't due, they expect and need to be handled. Modern Receptionist is a necessity to our operation and significantly increases our efficiency in many ways including not having to answer that first call with or without a receptionist. Further from a sales standpoint, we don't worry about missing that key prospect or client call we worked so hard to get to come in."

Robert Barrett, Recruiting Specialist

Steven McMurry

"Modern Receptionist is a lifesaver. Now during busy hours and meetings I receive an email with a detailed message without having to dial my voice mail. Thank you!"

Steven McMurry, Marketing Director

Jack Eberenz

"We use Modern Receptionist as our receptionist for calls that sometimes come from worldwide. Their team does an outstanding job of presenting our professional image and making sure our messages reach the right person 100% of the time. We will always use Modern Receptionist for our reception and messaging needs."

Jack Eberenz, President

Michael Hunter

"Every small business needs to be using Modern Receptionist. Their staff provides an excellent, professional service that will increase your efficiency and elevate your brand."

Michael Hunter, Advertising Agent and Owner

Muki Ramsey

"I had no idea how much business I was losing due to missed client calls until I hired Modern Receptionist. In the month after bringing them on as my virtual receptionist team, the number of new client appointments on my schedule literally doubled. Every week since I hired Modern Receptionist has been better than my best week on record before then. Turns out I was doing great advertising all along, but since there was often no one there to take that call, I was just wasting all those marketing dollars. My friendly new receptionist team has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and I regularly get compliments on the professionalism of my receptionists. I don't say this lightly - hiring Modern Receptionist was the smartest business decision I've made in years."

Muki Ramsey, Acupuncturist

Shawnna R

"I constantly receive compliments regarding "my receptionist's" courteousness and willingness to assist my callers. I would highly recommend them to any busy professional who needs assistance screening telephone calls. They have allowed me to be more productive during the day and have shown that I can confidently rely on them to present a professional first impression over the telephone."

Shawnna R, Attorney

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