Attorney andLaw Firm Services

Modern Receptionist provides an immersive and interactive experience that allows clients to feel as though they are physically present in the office. This can enhance communication and build trust between  attorney and client. We streamline administrative tasks and reduce costs associated with maintaining a physical office large enough for multiple employee space. Overall, integrating Modern receptionist  technology into your practice can help increase efficiency and improve client satisfaction.

Professional & Secure

We operate in a secure environment, which ensures that client information is protected at all times. We are trained and practiced when handling sensitive and confidential information on a regular basis.

Qualified and Efficient

Let us handle administrative tasks like answering calls, scheduling appointments, and managing paperwork.

Cost Effective

Companies save 78% of the cost of a full-time employee by hiring Modern Receptionist. Enjoy the benefits of a full time receptionist at a fraction of the cost.

Save 13+ Hours Per Week

We take care of your busy-work

Business Phone Numbers

Local or Toll Free 

Fully US Based

English is our first language

Increase ROI Through Calls

Every call is a potential client

No Locked-In Contracts

Month to month agreements

Free 14 Day Trial

Give us a try!

Spam Blocker

Never answer a spam call again

Custom Greetings

Callers enjoy a personalized brand voice

Responsive Messaging

Texts or emails after every call included


What Our Clients Say


I appreciate the reminder service provided by Modern Receptionist. They make sure that I never miss an appointment or meeting, which is especially helpful when my schedule is busy. It’s great to have this peace of mind knowing that I can rely on their team to keep me on track.

Anna Nguyen

I love the travel arrangement services provided by Modern Receptionist! I recently attended a business conference and their team took care of everything, from booking my flight and hotel to arranging a rental car. It was such a relief to have one less thing to worry about during a busy week.

Liam Jackson

The Modern Receptionist has been a lifesaver for scheduling meetings. Their team is always professional and efficient, ensuring that every meeting runs smoothly. They even take care of booking conference rooms and meeting spaces in our building, making it hassle-free for everyone involved.

David Fukumoto

Modern Receptionist is the perfect solution for managing employee schedules. They make sure that everyone is on the same page and that all shifts are covered. It’s great to have such a reliable and efficient team managing this crucial aspect of our business.

Sarah Kim

Modern Receptionist is a fantastic resource for managing administrative tasks. Their team is always on top of emails, giving out the right information, and completing other tasks as needed. They are an essential part of my team and help keep my business running smoothly.

Timothy White